Dental Implants

Dental implants are metal studs inserted directly in the jawbone that hold dental prostheses firmly in place. They are used for supporting dental crowns in single tooth replacements, dental bridges when replacing two to three teeth, and prosthetic dentures in multiple teeth restoration. 

Implants are highly recommended by dentists as a tooth restoration solution given the many advantages they offer.

Single Tooth Dental Implants

Dental implants are most often used for replacing single missing teeth. They consist of a metal implant stud - which has screw-like grooves on its surface, and a prosthetic crown made from dental-grade ceramic. 

They are the closest alternatives to missing natural teeth and restore oral functionality completely.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

When you visit our practice to consult with one of our dentists regarding dental implantation, we will make a thorough analysis of your mouth and specific situation to determine your candidacy for the treatment. 

Some of the factors we look into are the presence of oral conditions like gum disease, extensive tooth decay, jawbone deterioration, spacing available for placing the implant, jawbone volume, and size. 

We also look into your health history as issues like diabetes or high blood pressure can adversely affect the procedure.

During the surgery, we will administer local anesthesia to numb your oral tissues. The dentist will then meticulously make a small hole in your jawbone and insert the implant that is secured using dental adhesives. 

A healing period of four to six months will be recommended. It is essential that, during that time and after, you do not brush too hard near the implant or eat hard or crunchy foods.

Once the implantation site has healed, we will schedule the crown placement procedure. A connecting element called the abutment will be fixed to the implant. The crown will then be attached to the abutment and secured using dental cement. 

After a bite test, we will make any required changes to the alignment of the crown and suitable aftercare instructions will be given by your dentist.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

  • Implants are one of the longest-lasting dental restoration solutions.
  • Implants restore both oral functionality and aesthetics. 
  • The implant crown’s color, texture, size, and shape can be customized to make it look just like your natural teeth.
  • Since implants are placed in the jawbone, they are incredibly stable.
  • The implant crown made from dental-grade ceramic is very durable. 
  • Implants keep the jawbone from shrinking or deteriorating. 

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