Dental bridges offer the simplest means to restore missing natural teeth. They are ceramic restorations used in place of extracted teeth and are held firmly in position with the help of crowns on either side. Bridges do not require surgery, making them relatively simple, convenient, and highly effective.

Why Should You Get Your Missing Teeth Restored?

  • Leaving a missing tooth unrestored would affect oral functionality. The way you bite or chew food and pronounce words would differ.
  • The underlying jawbone could gradually deteriorate, leading to a change in facial shape.
  • The teeth adjoining the gap could drift from their ideal positions, thereby affecting their alignment. It can cause malocclusion as well.
  • The missing tooth may affect the appearance of your smile. If anyone points at the missing tooth, it can be uncomfortable. Over time, it may lead to a loss of self-confidence.
  • When you bite and chew food, a lot of pressure can be applied to the teeth adjacent to the gap. It can cause pain and discomfort.

Why Should You Choose Dental Bridges?

  • Unlike dental implants, bridges are held in place with the help of crowns on either. This eliminates the need for painful, more complicated surgery and would require a more extended healing period.
  • Bridges allow you to bite and chew food as you always do, thereby restoring oral functionality.
  • They can be customized as required to match the appearance of the natural teeth in terms of color, texture, size, and contour.
  • They keep the adjacent teeth from drifting from their orthodontically right positions.
  • The procedure for getting a dental bridge can be completed in just two visits to the dentist’s practice.
  • Bridges offer outstanding durability and strength, allowing you to keep them as good as new for many years without hassle.

How Are Bridges Placed?

Dental bridges do not require you to satisfy many conditions during the screening process, as in the case of dental implants. The jawbone volume is not a factor we look into before placing bridges, making almost anyone with a missing tooth a suitable candidate for bridges. X-rays and scans of the teeth will be taken after preparing them for the bridge. The same will be utilized to make digital impressions of the teeth and used as a reference while making the bridge.

Once it is fabricated, we will prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap for the bridge by etching their surfaces. The bridge will be placed on them and checked for a suitable fit, after which we will bond it to the teeth using dental adhesives. Once the adhesive is hardened, a bite test will be taken, and the bridge will be polished to improve its aesthetics.

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