Dental crowns are ceramic restorations used for various restorative and cosmetic purposes. They resemble a natural tooth in external appearance but are hollow on the inside. This gives a provision to place them on natural teeth that are damaged, weak, or worn out to cover them entirely.

What are the Applications of Dental Crowns?

Crowns can be used to restore teeth in the following conditions:

  • Teeth that are severely damaged due to external trauma, such as broken, cracked, or chipped, can be brought back to their ideal strength and contour using dental crowns.
  • Naturally misshapen teeth not only affect oral aesthetics but also affect your bite. They can be contoured appropriately using dental crowns.
  • Teeth that have suffered root canal infection will be treated through root canal therapy. Such teeth often weaken gradually due to the absence of the dental pulp, which may lead to cracking or breaking of the tooth. Crowns can be placed on such teeth to hold them intact and prevent damage.
  • Excessively spaced teeth can be restored to look ideally spaced using dental crowns.
  • In instances where the teeth have worn out severely due to grinding, we can restore their shape and size using crowns.

Why Should You Choose Dental Crowns?

  • Crowns are made from highly durable dental-grade ceramic material
  • They are quite long-lasting, provided you follow the aftercare instructions strictly and avoid unhealthy oral habits
  • The material used to fabricate them does not retain staining
  • Since we customize crowns according to the contour of the teeth, they would offer an excellent fit and comfort, which keeps them from getting displaced
  • They strengthen the teeth and restore oral functionality by enabling you to bite and chew food effectively
  • The procedure to get dental crowns would only take two visits to the dentist’s practice

What is the Procedure for Getting Crowns?

The dentist would thoroughly diagnose your tooth and determine the best means to treat the condition. Once your candidacy for crowns is confirmed, we will prepare the tooth. It will be cleaned thoroughly, and a thin layer of enamel will be removed to make space for the restoration. We will then take x-rays and scans of the tooth, and the data obtained from the images will be used as a reference for fabricating it. While the crown gets fabricated in the dental laboratory, we will bond a temporary crown to your tooth.

Once the crown is fabricated, we will schedule a follow-up session.  We will remove the temporary crown and clean the teeth thoroughly. The tooth receiving the crown will be roughened using an etching liquid. We will then bond the crown to it using photosensitive dental adhesives and harden it using a curing light. Finally, it will be polished to give it the right luster, and a bite test will be conducted.

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