Night Guards

Night Guards

Nightguards are customized oral appliances that prevent abrasive damage to the teeth. They are made from dental-grade plastic and offer exceptional protection from excessive teeth wear due to teeth grinding and clenching the jaw. Nightguards are mainly preferred by individuals who suffer from bruxism.

Why Should You Choose a Customized Night Guard?

You may very well purchase a one-size-fits-all or boil-and-bite nightguard from your local pharmacy to keep your teeth protected. However, such nightguards wouldn’t provide the necessary protection as they do not offer the perfect fit. Also, they tend to slip off or get displaced easily, making them ineffective.

As opposed to such nightguards, getting a custom-fabricated one would offer excellent fit and placement. You wouldn’t feel uncomfortable wearing it, and it would keep your teeth safe from abrasive wear at all times.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Customized Night Guard?

When you visit our dental practice, our team will thoroughly diagnose your oral condition and check the severity of wear caused due to bruxism. Oral scans and x-rays of the teeth will be taken, which would serve as a reference for fabricating the night guard.

The guard itself looks pretty similar to an athletic mouthguard that sportspersons use.  It is made of dental-grade plastic, which retains its shape despite regular use and is biocompatible with the oral tissues. The guard will be fabricated in a dental laboratory within a few days, and we will provide it to you during the next consultation.

It will be placed in your mouth and checked for a suitable fit. If you require any changes in its contour, we will make them and give you a perfectly fitting night guard. You can use it every time before you go to bed. It would create a physical barrier between the teeth from both jaws and keep them from undergoing excessive wear. It would also minimize the stress and pressure applied to the TMJ joint.

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